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Time-lapse technology reduces observational time restrictions and stress to embryos during culture and assessment. With time-lapse you can enjoy undisturbed culture and continuous image acquisition and improve your selection process through a more objective analysis.

Solving the observational dilemma

The desire to observe embryos regularly in order to make accurate assessments, while minimising disturbance to avoid stressing them, has been a long-standing dilemma. Time-lapse technology solves this problem by giving you continuous observation in an undisturbed culture. Once taken, acquired images can be played as a film that can be analysed at the clinic and remotely.

Without time-lapse, embryos must be taken out of the incubator to be assessed, exposing them to unnecessary stress and fluctuations.

EmbryoScope, the world’s first

Based on more than a decade of experience in optimal design and a specialised knowledge of all processes involved when incubating and monitoring embryos, EmbryoScope time-lapse system continues to offer safe embryo management through a platform of products and services.

The integrated design of the EmbryoScope time-lapse incubator has been developed to ensure stable incubation while automatically acquiring images of the developing embryos at defined intervals. This information is transferred to the ES server which can then be accessed from conveniently placed EmbryoViewer stations.


Undisturbed stable incubation

EmbryoScope is a state-of-the-art technology that enables a stable culture environment for embryos. Temperature is tightly regulated by direct heat contact and air is continuously purified through a HEPA/VOC filter. An integrated gas mixer allows the implementation of reduced oxygen conditions easily and economically.

Small incubation chambers allow rapid recovery of culture conditions after door opening.

Constant time-lapse monitoring

EmbryoScope+ acquires images of all embryos in multiple focal planes. EmbryoScope+ uses high-quality Hoffman modulation contrast optics and acquire images of each individual embryo separately. This results in supreme image quality which allows observation of key morphological features. The image acquisition has been thoroughly validated to ensure safety in terms of both light wavelength and total energy exposure. Image data handling has been carefully considered to minimise data storage requirements while maintaining optimum image quality. This ensures seamless video playback.

Time-lapse culture and evaluation improve IVF success

• Improved implantation rate
Time-lapse improves your chances of transferring a viable embryo, resulting in increased clinical outcome.1-11

• Reduced pregnancy loss
Selecting the most viable embryo for implantation also means reducing the percentage of pregnancies lost or aborted.2,11

Improved implantation rate


Reduced pregnancy loss


Improved pregnancy rate


Supportive software

Time-lapse analysis of embryo development is the key to improved evaluation. Data generated from EmbryoScope+ is analysed using the flexible EmbryoViewer software which allows viewing and analysis of embryos.


The use of time-lapse significantly improves live birth rates and reduced early pregnancy loss rates

In a recent meta-analysis, eligible randomised controlled trials, which compare culture and evaluation using time-lapse systems with traditional embryo incubation and evaluation, were analysed to assess the effect of time-lapse.1

1 Pribenszky et al: Reprod Biomed Online (2017) 35(5): 511-520

Recently, the meta-analysis has been updated to include subsequently published randomised controlled studies in which time-lapse was used as a full system and live birth data was reported. This new meta-analysis strengthen the evidence of increased live births with the use of time-lapse systems on an intention to treat basis (n=1945, OR: 1.56, CI: 1.30-1.88, p<0.001)2

Importantly, the early pregnancy loss rate was significantly reduced with the application of time-lapse technology (relative reduction: 28%).

2 Pribenszky et al: Reprod Biomed Online (2018) 36(3): 290-292

Improved workflow with ES server & ES server+

When introducing EmbryoScope and/or EmbryoScope+ to your IVF laboratory, you are guaranteed a digital transformation in the workflow. With the ES server and ES server+, you can access the time-lapse data from all connected EmbryoScope and EmbryoScope+ incubators. Moreover, it is possible to view the data from multiple EmbryoViewer workstations. These can be placed in the IVF laboratory or in your office, and you can even access the data stored on the server from another clinic or another remote location using a secure connection. This enables you and your colleagues to view, annotate and select embryos with geographical flexibility.

Electronic Medical Record integration

EmbryoScope can be integrated with all compatible EMR systems.


EmbryoSlide culture dish

  • 12 embryos/dish, 6 dishes/incubator
  • 12×25µl medium
  • 1.4 ml oil overlay
  • 4 flushing / rinsing wells
  • Individually numbered wells
  • Lid ensures minimal evaporation
  • Handling fin for safe transfer between workplaces


We have seen the the number of single embryo transfer double since the introduction of time-lapse technology, due to increased information on embryo development. 

-Jenny Cloherty, Lab Director, Galway Fertility Clinic, Ireland


How can you benefit from time-lapse in IVF?

Dr. Markus Montag has written a white paper where he discusses the clinically proven results with time-lapse, as well as how time-lapse can improve the workflow in the lab and facilitate communication. 


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